About me

I am a graduate from Macrofaculty of Automatics, Electronics and Computer Science at Silesian University of Technology, with a major in Electronics. This year I also received my second Masters degree on Computer Science major. My career and education is connected with embedded systems design and programming.

My experience in industry is mostly based on work in a team, designing an embedded Linux wireless hard drive, in which I was a part at SLVProjekt company. Since then my main focus was on university based projects e.g. a realization of handheld ECG module based on ARM processor and a port of FreeRTOS real time system, communicating with a PC through Bluetooth interface. This work was done as a part of my master thesis in electronics. At that time I acquired the knowledge of electronics system design and implementation. Hardware implementation of this system also allowed me to further broaden my skills in practical aspects of building an electronics design (soldering skills, operation of lab equipment etc.)

Electronics design is not only my carrier choice, but also a passion. That is why I pursue my own projects in this field, for example a radio frontend of a simple RFID reader in UNIQUE standard, but also in fields around the topic like .NET based generator of VHDL multiplication modules for FPGA. The latter one I adopted as a topic of my second master thesis.

I’m an open minded person with good communication skills and I feel comfortable working with a team, even international one. At the same time I’m self-reliant and I’m able to work without supervision. A good example of this is a project I did at Technishe Universiteit Einhoven in Netherlands, where apart from my normal classes at Erasmus program I was responsible for firmware implementation of newly designed gossip algorithm for Wireless Body Area Network.

At the moment I’m looking for a job in embedded systems engineering in region nearby Katowice, Poland. I would like to find something that will allow me to further expand my knowledge in the field of electronics and firmware development.