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Locked out Evalbot Stellaris lm3s9b92

Yesterday I locked the MCU in my Evalbot. It was a result of flashing a wrong configuration of clock sources and dividers. I must have set the crystal frequency wrong and JTAG was no longer responding. At first it seemed … Continue reading

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Bluetooth ECG

My first master thesis was a ECG system that was supposed to communicate with the PC or PPC by bluetooth. It turned out rather well (except that the enclosure was a bit rough). The hardware was a self designed pcb … Continue reading

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Evalbot’s sound chip error in documentation

Past three days I’m working on turning on the sound output on my Evalbot based on stellaris chip. It has a nice sound chip TLV320aic3107 that is controlled through I2C and fed with data through I2S. I must say that … Continue reading

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VHDL Multiplication module IP generator

For my second master thesis I wrote a generator of VHDL multiplier modules. Software was written in C# and allows to implement several algorithms of multiplication of inputs upto 128bits (for some cases more) and with different sign representation of … Continue reading

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